"Vorbereitungsstudium" for international prospective students

Your school leaving certificate allows a direct access to a German university without "Studienkolleg"? Or are you already enroled to a "Vorbereitungsstudium" at one of the Bremen universities or are you planning a "Vorbereitungsstudium" in Bremen?


The Academy HERE AHEAD offers foundation programs for international students. We offer PALS (Programme for Accompanied Language learning and Study preparation) and SOLO (Self-Organized Language learning and Orientation). For SOLO you book a language course at a language school of your choice, enrol a state university in Bremen and learn German without study preparation or guidance. You pay the language course fees of approx. 500€/month in each program yourself. PALS additionally includes a mentoring program (free of charge) to help you to prepare for your future studies. At PALS, you have a more extensive schedule, but you will be guided and better prepared for your future studies. The language courses though, have to be organized and financed by the participants at a language school in Bremen (CASA, DAA, aktiv deutsch Sprachschule, Aristotelis).

You will receive usefull and important information on life in Germany, you will develop your study skills and receive support throughout the time in the language courses. Furthermore you participate in intercultural trainings as well as become part of our vibrant international community through common events like summer party.

Of course, you can always contact our team for support and individual consultation concerning you future study career or application processes.

Get in contact with our team, language teachers and coaches, future professors and lecturers and :prime students. Start building up your network and make new friends!

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