TestAS and :prime cluster

TestAS as an application requirement

According to the TestAS website, "TestAS is a central, standardised aptitude test for foreign students". Instead of individual entrance exams, the universities in Bremen and Bremerhaven use this standardized test to assess the applicant's ability to study for a degree.


The test is conducted four times a year in national test centers around the world. For locations and dates, please see the TestAS website. The website also has example questions you can use to prepare for the test.


You have to have passed the TestAS exam to be admitted to :prime. To be eligible to apply, you need a total grade of at least 190 points (paper-based test) or 150 points (digital test). Please note: Select the cluster that matches your degree course of choice. If you register with us first, we can help you through the application process.

:prime Cluster

After :prime straight to university

With :prime you are guaranteed a place in one of the selected degree courses – the so-called :prime courses – at the universities in Bremen and Bremerhaven. During the preparation phase you will already be attending lectures and seminars in these subjects. The entrance examination tests the knowledge you have acquired in these courses. You will meet fellow students and lecturers, find out how the degree course works and be ideally prepared for your bachelor's degree.


The :prime courses are divided into the clusters "engineering" (ING), "mathematics-computer science-natural sciences" (MIN), "economics" (WiWi), and "arts & humanities, cultural and social sciences" (GKG). You will come across the same classification when you register for the TestAS. Please consult our degree course pages to select your course of study and the corresponding cluster. Once you have selected a cluster, it is very difficult to change it.


Find our :prime degree courses here