:prime – the foundation program for Bremen and Bremerhaven

Language acquisition – subject preparation – key qualifications

Preparation for university and mentoring for international prospective students

:prime yourself for university

Our :prime foundation course combines language training, subject preparation and mentoring in a single program. As a joint project of the University of Bremen and the Universities of Applied Science in Bremen and Bremerhaven, our graduates can choose between three universities. :prime mainly focuses on the natural sciences as well as computer science and engineering. We give you the opportunity to prepare for a degree course in the ING Cluster (Engineering), MIN Cluster (Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Natural Sciences), WiWi Cluster (Economics), or GKG Cluster (Arts & Humanities, Cultural Sciences and Social Sciences) . These clusters are important for the TestAS and the student's choice of the degree subject.


Our :prime foundation course combines language training, subject preparation and mentoring. We offer courses with two different entry levels: 1.) completed B1 and 2.) completed C1. Depending on the language level, different deadlines must be met.


To apply to :prime you need the following documents:

  • Secondary school qualification requiring the student to attend a "Studienkolleg" preparatory college
  • German skills at level B1 or better (including proof; for more information see the bottom of this page)
  • TestAS with a total result of at least 190 points (paper-based test) or 150 points (digital test). The TestAS has to be passed in one of these clusters/modules: ING, MIN, WiWi or GKG
    For more information on TestAS click here.

Your language lever matters

:prime B1

If you have completed (at least) level B1 you can apply for :prime B1 until 31 May for a start in the winter semester or November 30 for a start in the summer semester (for selected study programs only). You start your course in September/March and will attend the following modules:

  • German courses up to the required C1 language level (September to March resp. March to September)
  • Tutorial programme (September to March resp. March to September)
  • Subject-specific preparation in the universities in the desired field of study (March to July resp. September to January)
  • Seminars and workshops on study techniques, intercultural training, presentation techniques (throughout the whole program)

The :prime language courses start at level B1+.2. If you start below this level, you will have to pay for the previous language courses yourself. Placement is carried out by our language school. If you start at a lower level, the :prime timetable (language from March to September or September to March, preparatory semester from September to January or March to July) may be postponed and the foundation program :prime may be extended for you. In this case, no :prime courses will be offered between reaching C1 German and the start of the preparatory semester.


By the beginning of July/January, you can take the entrance examination; you can then enrol for a bachelor's degree at one of the universities in Bremen and Bremerhaven until July 15. Applications for programs starting in the summer semester af the University of Bremen have to be handed in by January 15 the latest. A grace period is not granted.

:prime C1

You can apply for :prime C1 if you have already gained the C1 language certificate or will have done so by March.
The following certificates are recognised:

  • TestDaF 16
  • DSH-2/-3
  • DSD2
  • Goethe Certificate C1/C2
  • TELC Hochschule

The one-semester course starts in March and comprises the following:

  • Subject-specific preparation in the universities in the desired field of study (March to June)
  • Seminars and workshops on study techniques, intercultural training, presentation techniques (March to July)

You must apply to uni-assist e.V by January 15:

  • Language training from B2 to C1

    continue (only for :prime B1)

    The language courses from B2 start in September in Bremen. You take your C1 language exam in March and then start preparing for university. Our placement test - mandatory for every student before starting the :prime classes - should not show a lower result than B1+.2.


    The language training covers language courses up to C1 – currently run by the cooperating language school CASA – and includes a supporting tutorial and mentoring program. You will practice and improve your spoken and written language skills in class, thoroughly prepare for your test and will be given advice for a successful learning strategy.

  • Subject-specific preparation


    The subject-based preparation focuses on your future degree subject. Which subject you choose when you register is therefore very important. You will attend subject-based classes at the Academy and visit exam-relevant courses at your future university.


    Your lecturers help you coordinate the selected courses you attend at our universities. During the foundation course you will already have the opportunity to meet future fellow students and university professors and gain insights into university life in Germany. This ensures that you will be optimally prepared for your degree course at a university in Bremen. You will then consolidate your new knowledge in the :prime course units.


    Your lecturers will support you during this time.

  • General preparation


    In-depth general preparation is an important component of :prime:
    In workshops you will learn about study techniques, time management, literature research and many other techniques that you will use during your studies.


    The intercultural training helps you understand social norms and manners as well as values.